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Artlab Nails Industry brand is modern materials for advanced craftsmen who appreciate real quality!

Professional nail modeling and strengthening products from Artlab first entered the beauty market in 2019 and to date have proven to be excellent among manicurists.

Almost 2 years of developing and testing various samples to get a truly worthwhile range.

Our mission is to provide nail industry professionals with the best quality materials!

The main criteria that we adhered to when testing Artlab materials:

The very first and most important point – do no harm! Allergic reactions from masters and clients were minimized.
Strength of materials
Perfect consistency
Products for customers with problematic nails
Why is our brand worthy of your attention?

This brand was created by a manicurist Artlab with experience of more than 10 years, who knows exactly what should be the material to create the perfect manicure!

Over the years, the instructor-technologist of Artlab Nails Industry has had to work with a lot of different materials and brands. With a wealth of experience behind her, she has carefully and with great responsibility approached the creation of Artlab Nails Industry brand products.

Choose the best! Be the number 1 master!

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